Graduation Clearance

Graduation Information

Disclaimer: By accepting admission to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, graduate students indicate that they are ultimately responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures that govern their education at the university. That responsibility requires that all graduate students know where to find the academic policies of the Graduate School and any additional requirements of their specific programs. All academic policies are published annually in the Graduate Catalog.

All deadlines are published on the official Academic Calendar

The Graduation Process & DegreeWorks

Check your audit

Effective 1st Summer 2016, DegreeWorks is the definitive record for graduation clearance.  Students, faculty, and staff may access DegreeWorks via Students are encouraged to routinely check their degree progress in DegreeWorks.

Meet with your advisor

Prior to the final term, all students are encouraged to schedule an appointment to meet with their advisor and/or graduate program director.  It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that he/she is making satisfactory progress towards graduation, based on the program requirements outlined in DegreeWorks and any additional directions issued by the graduate program.


Per academic policy, all students must be enrolled in the term of graduation, even if all degree/certificate requirements have been met.

Apply for Graduation

All students (doctoral, master’s, certificate) must apply for graduation by the published deadline in the final term. Students who fail to apply for graduation by the published deadline will not be evaluated for graduation and will be ineligible to participate in the commencement ceremony.

How do I submit the ‘Online Graduation Application’?

  1. Log into
  2. Under Academic Resources, select ‘Student Records’.
  3. Under ‘Student Records’, select ‘Online Graduation Application’.
  4. Click "Continue" if this is the first time a graduation application has been submitted or "Create a New Application" if one has been submitted previously.
  5. After all sections are complete, click the "Submit" button.

The ‘Online Graduation Application’ triggers a review of your academic progress by the Graduate School.  Students who apply to graduate but appear short of meeting all degree/certificate requirements will be notified by email.  As the definitive record for graduation clearance, your individual DegreeWorks audit must reflect that you are on track to graduate in a given term.

Contact us

For doctoral student inquiries regarding graduation clearance, please contact Aura Young.
For master's thesis student inquiries regarding graduation clearance, please contact Julie Green.
For all general questions regarding graduation clearance, please contact