Getting started: How to access and use iThenticate

As we pilot iThenticate this semester, doctoral candidates who apply to graduate will be given access after September 16th (the deadline to apply to graduate). At that time, you will be provided further information.

  • To open an account, please click this link.
  • You should upload and share your work at least three weeks prior to your final defense
  • Upload your entire document, including abstract.
  • When submitting a dissertation for committee review, the only allowable exclusions are for quotations and the bibliography. Do not exclude small phrases, the abstract, etc.
  • Add users with whom to share your work (e.g., your committee members)
  • Do not simply look at the resulting similarity index--a percentage that may seem shockingly high. Instead, you and your dissertation committee must review and interpret the report. If you find that you have unintentionally plagiarized, this is your chance to correct the oversight.
  • By signing the Final Defense Report, the dissertation committee verifies that they have reviewed the Similarity Report and have found that the work is original and properly cited. As always, the Final Defense Report is also verification that the student successfully passed the final defense.
Instructional Videos
  • For instructions on how to submit your work to iThenticate, please view this short video.
  • For how to interpret a Similarity Report, please watch this short video.
  • For sharing your report, see this video.