Assistantships and Employment

Tuition Support

Source of Money:
The Graduate School

How it's Paid:
To your student account


Source of Money:
Hiring department

How it's Paid:
Through payroll

Financial Aid

Source of Money:
Student Loans

How it's Paid:
To your student account


Source of Money:
University and More

How it's Paid:
To your student account


Source of Money:
Government and Foundations

How it's Paid:
Payroll and/or student account

Assistantships are paid research, teaching and administrative roles for graduate students.

Graduate Assistantships

Graduate assistants receive financial support for their contributions to the teaching, research, and service missions of the University. However, the quality of their supervision, the kind of work they are assigned to do, and the outcomes expected of them distinguish graduate assistants from other employees--even those of the same educational background who receive similar pay.

The great majority of Graduate Assistants on campus are hired by the student's department.  Stipends, responsibilities, selection criteria, application and notification procedures vary from department to department, so contact your Graduate Program Director for additional information on available assistantships.

Looking outside your department? Positions are posted on Hire-A-Niner.  

List of Available Graduate Assistantships
  • Find Graduate Assistantships posted in Hire-A-Niner.  Under Advanced Search, view Position Type "Graduate Assistantship".
  • View Rules and Practices for Graduate Assistantships
  • Graduate Students may be assigned as Teaching Assistants (TAs), however, only graduate students with at least 18 credit hours may serve as primary instructors (IORs). Visit the Academic Affairs web pages for more information.


The Graduate School supports efforts to recruit exceptionally talented military veterans to graduate programs at UNC Charlotte. Veterans Graduate Assistantships provide a graduate assistantship (teaching or research) for two academic years, resident tuition support and health insurance, to three newly admitted graduate students (doctoral or master's). Students must be nominated by their Graduate Program Director.

  • Open to military veterans from any branch of service with an Honorable Discharge admitted to any Master’s or Doctoral degree program.
  • Student must be newly admitted to a graduate program at UNC Charlotte but not yet enrolled (first-year student).
  • Three awards may be made each year.
  • For doctoral students the funding will be $18,000 for 9 months, and for master’s students $12,000 for 9 months.
  • Recipients will receive tuition awards for resident tuition support (in accordance with the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act), plus health insurance if needed.
  • Students must register for a minimum of 6 graduate credit hours in each term, or 9 credit hours for doctoral students, that the assistantship is in effect and maintain satisfactory progress toward the degree to remain eligible.
  • The assistantship will be in place for two years, after which the department or program of study must provide funding as necessary. A third year for a master’s student may be negotiated if needed to complete the degree. After the second year, doctoral programs are expected to provide continuing support (assistantship or fellowship) to the recipient as long as the student is making satisfactory progress toward the degree (full-time enrollment with a minimum grade point average of 3.00). The Graduate School will commit to continuing resident tuition and health insurance awards for an additional three years.

On-campus Employment

Jobs are posted on Hire-A-Niner.  

Full-time, permanent EPA and SPA UNC Charlotte employees may be eligible for tuition waivers or reimbursements. More information can be found on the Human Resources' website.

Off-campus Employment

The University Career Center (UCC) operates a database called Hire-A-Niner, which offers part-time and full-time employment opportunities. Detailed information about the services offered within the UCC can be found on their website, or by visiting their offices in 150 Atkins Building.

Already have a job? Many employers offer tuition benefits for individuals seeking to further their education. Be sure to check with your supervisor to see if your company offers employee educational assistance programs.