Disclaimer: By accepting admission to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, graduate students indicate that they are ultimately responsible for adhering to the policies and procedures that govern their education at the university. That responsibility requires that all graduate students know where to find the academic policies of the Graduate School and any additional requirements of their specific programs. All academic policies are published annually in the Graduate Catalog.

Academic Forms

Academic Petition

The Graduate Academic Petition system is only available to active graduate students at UNC Charlotte.

Course Revalidation 

If you do not anticipate finishing the program of study within the allotted time, you must meet with your Graduate Program Director to determine whether out-of-date courses must be retaken or revalidated. If the Graduate Program Director determines that the out-of-date courses can be revalidated, a plan must be prepared and approved by the Graduate Program Director that outlines how this will be accomplished. This plan must be submitted to the Graduate School for review and approval. The student and Graduate Program Director will be notified if the plan is approved by the Graduate School. Once the plan has been accomplished, the student, through the Graduate Program Director, must notify and document this fact to the Graduate School. This notification must also include the term in which the student intends to graduate. Often course revalidation can be done by taking an exam or through writing a paper.

Early Entry 

Early Entry can be found in the Graduate Academic Petition system.

Special Request 

Used only by students who do not have access to the online Graduate Academic Petition. All current students have access to and are required to use Graduate Academic Petition. 

Suspension Appeal 

Suspension Appeal can be found in the Graduate Academic Petition system.

Assistantship Application

Graduate Assistantship Application 

Used to apply for a Graduate Assistantship. Please submit to the Graduate Program Director or department you wish to work in. Visit our Funding pages for open Assistantships.

Thesis and Dissertation Forms

Appointment of Doctoral Dissertation Committee or DNP Scholarly Project Committee 

This form is for the appointment of the doctoral committee. Programs and students may elect to appoint co-chairs for the committee provided both faculty chairs hold a graduate faculty appointment. One chair must hold regular graduate faculty membership. Co-chairs should be listed on the committee form, in the program, and on the title page.  Note: The Appointment form must be submitted to and approved by, the Graduate School well in advance of the proposal defense being scheduled.

Appointment of Master's Thesis Committee 

This form is for the appointment of the master's thesis committee and is due at least 2 weeks prior to the proposal defense. Committee chairs should be tenured faculty.  When that is not possible, a tenured faculty member may be appointed as a co-chair.  All committee members must hold graduate faculty appointments. One chair must hold regular graduate faculty membership. Co-chairs should be listed on the committee form and on the title page.

Final Defense Report for Doctoral Dissertation, Scholarly Project, Master's thesis, or Master's Project 

For reporting the outcome of a doctoral dissertation defense and/or master's thesis.

Proposal Defense Report for Dissertation/Master's Thesis 

For reporting the outcome of a proposed doctoral dissertation, scholarly project, and/or master's thesis.

Research Projects Involving Human Subjects (IRB)

Guidelines and forms to assist graduate students and faculty in IRB review/approval process for research projects involving human subjects are available on the Human Subjects in Research website.

Embargo Request Form

This form must be submitted and approved in order to withhold public release of a dissertation or thesis.

Dissertation/Thesis Submission and ETD Form

This form should be submitted to the Graduate School when the student submits his/her thesis or dissertation to ProQuest.  Payment for the Submission Fee and optional Copyright must be made through the online Payment Portal.

Exam Reports

Report of Comprehensive/Qualifying Exam, Portfolio Presentation, and Study report for Doctoral and/or Master's students

For reporting completion of comprehensive or qualifying exam.


Graduation Application

To apply to graduate with a doctoral or master's degree, or a graduate certificate: Log into, select Banner Self-Service, Student Services, Student Records, and Online Graduation Application. Click "Continue" if this is the first time a graduation application has been submitted, or "Create a New Application" if one has been submitted previously. After completing all sections, click the "Submit" button.