Current Student Resources

The Graduate School is here to assist you from your first semester through graduation. Explore our Current Student web pages for advice on working with your academic department, information on policies and procedures, funding guidance and for quick links to an array of resources.

In addition, the Center for Graduate Life (CGL) offers services to support current students. Enjoy the lounge, stimulating workshops, and graduate student affairs expertise. Visit the Center for Graduate Life (CGL) in Cone Center 268 for your graduate student needs.  

Special Note on Coronavirus

All graduate students will have the option to select Pass/Unsatisfactory for each of their Spring 2020 courses. Please note: No Credit (N) is not an option in the graduate grading scale.  Graduate students are required to have a 3.0 GPA in their program of study in order to graduate. Graduate students are held to a higher standard and, as a result, are suspended when they earn a grade of U or an unacceptable number of C grades. A student can elect a Pass (P) grade to replace a C grade this semester. Students who earn a U or an unacceptable amount of C grades will be suspended or terminated, as appropriate. This process will not change for spring, and suspensions or terminations will be effective for Fall 2020.  However, we anticipate fewer suspensions and termination due to the Pass grade option.

Graduate students are advised to consult with their program director before making a grade change selection, if relevant. Please note that the P/U grade option is not available for Incomplete grades.  If an incomplete is changed to a letter grade before June 1, then students may select a P/U grade type.  Additionally, the staff in the Graduate School are available via email for those who have questions., is a care portal to help students find information about financial resources, academic support, food and housing programs, health and wellness initiatives, career service networks, as well as other support services available during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic.