Thesis and Dissertation Formatting

General information

In order to graduate, students must submit their dissertation or thesis to ProQuesta digital repository of scholarly works. Theses and dissertations will also appear in Niner CommonsUNC Charlotte’s new institutional repository. In order to complete the submission process and understand the steps toward graduation, it is highly recommended that students attend an individual formatting review (either in person or virtually) or a formatting workshop in the Center for Graduate Life.

Formatting workshops and general on-line information

Formatting workshops are scheduled throughout each semester. These workshops provide an overview of the thesis and dissertation submission process and Graduate School formatting and graduation requirements. Students are invited to bring their own documents and ask questions. Please visit the Center for Graduate Life events calendar to register.

For individual formatting appointments: 

The deadlines for all graduation milestones can be found on the Registrar's Calendar.

FAQ's - Formatting

When should the formatting review take place?

It is never too early to check your formatting. There is a formatting deadline each semester, which can be found on the academic calendar.

Is a full draft of my work required for the formatting review?

No, but it is helpful if you have at least compiled the front matter and begun your Table of Contents. We also like to take a look at your figures and tables, margins, and headings.

Do I have to meet with the Graduation Completion Specialist?

To avoid last-minute frustration, it is important that you contact Julie (for theses) or Aura (for dissertations) prior to the posted formatting deadline. An in-person or online meeting is not required, but you may find it helpful. In many cases we are able to provide comments in Track Changes or via email. We can also discuss submission procedures and matters concerning copyright and publication options.

Is there a formatting template?

The Graduate School provides Word document templates for the title page and other front matter pages. We also provide a LaTeX template for those who use that system. Otherwise, you are expected to format your own work according to our manual and by adhering to your field’s style guide.