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The Graduate School's role is to foster excellence in all dimensions of post-baccalaureate studies and is the primary advocate for graduate education and for graduate students at the University.  Graduate education functions to explore and advance the limits of knowledge and define the state of the art in an academic discipline.  Our purpose is to serve society's needs in specific technical and professional ways as well as the need for intellectual expansion.  In accomplishing this mission, the Graduate School values integrity, collaboration, efficiency, innovation, and inclusiveness in all that it does.

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Mathematical Finance Program Ranks No. 18 in TFE Times

Mathematical Finance Program at UNC Charlotte
UNC Charlotte’s Master of Science in Mathematical Finance program ranked No. 18 in the TFE Times’ 2017 Master of Financial Engineering Program Ranking, moving up from No. 20 last year. The Mathematical Finance program currently enrolls more than 90 students.

Summer Research Program Open to Rising Seniors

Charlotte Research Scholars Program 2017 applications now open
Up to 60 UNC Charlotte rising seniors will have an opportunity to gain research experience this year through a 10-week summer research program funded by the Charlotte Research Scholars Program (CRS).

UNC Charlotte 3MT Competition Pilot Winners

Dean Tom Reynolds with 3MT competition pilot winners.
UNC Charlotte’s inaugural Three-Minute Thesis pilot January 19th saw nine brave graduate students squeeze years of work and thousands of words into a three-minute presentation using only one slide for support.

Data Science Meets Veteran Student Success

DSBA graduate student Ray Xie
Business in Charlotte is booming – and it’s just where UNC Charlotte student Ray Xie wants to be. Since 2012, home closings in Charlotte have nearly tripled. Since 2014, the number of people employed here has risen by over 50,000. June 2016 alone brought in $1.6 billion in retail sales for the area.

UNC Charlotte-Led Study Aids Zika Diagnosis and Treatment

By Manuel Almagro Rivas  - Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https:// commons.wikimedia.org/w/index. php?curid=47941048
A study led by a UNC Charlotte research team may explain how the Zika virus became linked with cases of microcephaly and Guillain-Barre Syndrome, aiding the medical community in diagnosing the virus.

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