Fellowship Application Incentive Program (FAIP)

The FAIP Program has ended for 2019. 

The Graduate School will pay you $500 for applying to an allowable fellowship, as long as you are eligible for that fellowship, and enroll in FAIP before you apply.  You may receive up to two $500 payments for two fellowships.  If you are awarded one of them, the Graduate School will pay you $1,500. 

PLEASE NOTE: Please do your own research to verify you are eligible before submitting an application.  The Graduate School will not verify your eligibility until after the submission deadline has passed. 

Who: Doctoral students

What: $500 for applying to an allowed fellowship (up to two); $1,500 if you are awarded the fellowship (just one)

Type of Fellowship Allowed: External fellowship for which the student is eligible. Travel grants for conferences or field research. Grants for doctoral dissertation research as PI or co-PI. Other competitive funding opportunities specifically for graduate students.  

Minimum Fellowship Allowed: $5,000 minimum dollar value.


  1. Complete the FAIP Application form to enroll BEFORE applying for a fellowship by February 1.
  2. Send proof of fellowship application to Julie Goodliffe, Director of Funding, by May 15.
  3. Send proof of fellowship award to Julie Goodliffe by May 15.

Not allowed for FAIP:  Internships, internal fellowships/scholarships, grants for which they are not PI.

When awards will be paid: $500 (or $1,000 for two) one week after the FAIP deadline, or after sending proof of application, whichever is later. $1,500 by May 22nd.

How to find fellowships: 

Please Note:  The Graduate School offers this program as an incentive to help students take the steps necessary to acquire fellowships. Therefore, the program does not cover applications or awards for any fellowships for which an FAIP application was not completed and submitted in advance.

Download a printable version of the FAIP guidelines.