Faculty Nomination

Graduate faculty nomination

Graduate faculty are selected based on their demonstrated ability to teach graduate students effectively, complete high quality creative work and to conduct scholarly research and direct the research of graduate students. College Deans and department chairs nominate candidates for graduate faculty using the electronic Graduate Faculty Appointment (eGFA) system.   Download instructions for eGFA.

Graduate Faculty at UNC Charlotte may be Regular Graduate Faculty or Associate Graduate Faculty. The academic department develops criteria for selection to either post, in accordance with the general criteria of the Graduate School.  Nominations go to the Graduate Council for review and approval.  

Faculty Appointment Procedures - Summary


  • It is assumed that faculty hired into tenured or tenure-track positions meet the criteria for appointment to the Regular Graduate Faculty based on current or potential achievements. As such, departments may make faculty appointments to the Graduate Faculty at the time of hire and notify the Graduate School of the appointment through the electronic Graduate Faculty Appointment system.
  • For Associate Graduate Faculty, the academic department will initiate the appointment process using the qualifications established by the faculty and approved by the Graduate Council. Nominations for appointment or reappointment must be addressed to the Dean of the Graduate School and include a clear and convincing narrative describing how the nominee meets the criteria and should be accompanied by a vita. Normally, the initial appointment to Graduate Faculty will be for three years for tenure-eligible faculty. Tenured faculty may have an initial appointment of five years. Subsequently, an eligible faculty member desiring a Graduate Faculty membership may be reappointed to a five-year membership by the Dean of the Graduate School upon nomination by the appropriate department. Regular Graduate Faculty review and reappointment may coincide with the tenure decision and post-tenure review.
  •  In order to maintain the Graduate Faculty as a viable body, individual membership is reviewed periodically. Membership on the Graduate Faculty can be terminated by Departmental Graduate Faculty or the Dean of the Graduate School if a faculty member fails to meet the minimum criteria for membership.  Unfavorable decisions for Graduate Faculty appointment may be appealed.
  • Normally appointments end on June 30 and begin July 1. Each spring the Graduate School will send notification to the academic departments listing those members of the Graduate Faculty whose term expires at the end of the year.

  (Download a printable copy of the complete procedures)