The staff of the Graduate School, in partnership with graduate faculty and other UNC Charlotte administrative departments, are responsible for leading changes in academic programs and policies to keep pace with socioeconomic changes in the Charlotte region. Staff also play a leading role in ensuring adherence to academic and research standards. 

Course requirements & policies

Program requirements and graduate policy is located in the Graduate Catalog.

Changes in academic policies affecting graduate students were recently approved by the Graduate Council.  These pending changes will be added to the 2018/19 Catalog.  Until then, a downloadable preview is available.

News Brief:  How to Create a Syllabus.  From the Chronicle of Higher Education, this recent advice guide helps faculty create a syllabus worth reading.  9/17/2018.

Course & curriculum changes

Make suggested changes to academic programs and policy through Curriculog, the Course and Curriculum Management System (log-in required).  Curriculog and other planning resources are available on the Office of the Provost’ Curriculum and Catalogs page.  

Graduate Certificate Renewal

Graduate certificate programs are established for a five-year period.  At the completion of the five years, the certificate program may be considered for renewal.  Program Directors may find procedures in GPDNet (sign-in required).  The renewal process take place through Curriculog.

Graduate Council

Proposed changes in policies and programs go before the Graduate Council for consideration.  The Graduate Council's role is important in ensuring graduate education is responsive to the changing needs of the Charlotte region.   For more information and a list of Graduate Council members, please visit the Graduate Council page of Faculty Governance or contact Annette Parks. Graduate Council liaison.