Sagui-Henson, Fields Are 2017’s Top Graduate Teaching Assistants

Monday, May 8, 2017

Sara Sagui-Henson and Peter Fields were recently selected the Graduate School’s Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistants for 2017.  Sara is pursuing a Ph.D. in Health Psychology and David is working on his master’s in English.

The awards, which included a $500 check, were presented April 21 at the Center for Graduate Life (CGL). 

The Graduate School recognizes outstanding graduate teaching assistants each year, one at the doctoral level and one at the master's level, for their commitment to excellence in teaching. For more information on the GTA awards, please visit the Center for Graduate Life Resources web page.

GTA 2017 Finalists
Top Doctoral Teaching Assistants: Seated, from left: Nicole Hilaire, Sara Sagui-Henson (Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award winner), Abeer AlJarrah, Conor Nodzak, Stephen MacNeil, and Madison Young. Standing: Debra Basalik, SiangYee Chang, Elizabeth Von Briesen, Elizabeth Morrell, Matthew Sylvain and Ahrar Chowdhury.
2017 GTA finalists
GTA Master’s Candidates: Seated, from left: Adam Johnson, Allison Hoff, Kathleen Lowenstein and Jonathan Walker.  Standing: Michael Haag, Justin McCoy and Peter Fields (Outstanding Graduate Teaching Assistant Award winner).