Resources for Students

The Graduate School and Center for Graduate Life are here to help UNC Charlotte's graduate students with their academic endeavors. Below are a list of resources both for your knowledge and theirs:


Twice a year, the Graduate School hosts New Graduate Student Orientation.  The program is designed to introduce students to the University, the graduate community and the broad range of resources and services available to support their success.  The Center for Graduate Life helps coordinate the events and has up-to-date information on dates, times and locations.

Professional Development

The main Graduate School contact for course and workshop information is Coren O'Hara, Coordinator for Professional Development. Workshops address the five competencies that UNC Charlotte believes are vital for graduate student success: Communication, Leadership, Teaching and Instruction, Professional and Personal Responsibility, and Research and Scholarly Inquiry.

Center for Graduate Life

The Graduate School has partnered with Academic Affairs to develop the Center for Graduate Life (CGL), located in the Cone Center. The CGL works to create a stronger graduate community by promoting shared experiences, discourse and activities designed to support interdisciplinary learning. The CGL offers professional development, mentoring support, teaching assistant training, writing support and personal development programs, as well as a variety of service. The CGL is home to the Graduate Life Fellows (GLFs), graduate students that work with the Graduate School to provide peer mentorship and social programming designed to promote community among the graduate students. They are a significant resource for the graduate student community. GLF selection takes place each spring.  To learn more about this initiative, visit the CGL website.

Graduate Student & Professional Government (GPSG)

GPSG is advised by Assistant Dean, Dr. Katherine Hall-Hertel. GPSG serves as the representative voice of the graduate students and provides advocacy and resources for graduate students including travel support.


Encourage students to seek out funding resources to help defray the cost of their graduate education.

Competitions and Awards

UNC Charlotte graduate students are invited to compete in a variety of sponsored competitions.  Have them plan to visit the Center for Graduate Life and its website to learn about these opportunities.


Are you experiencing a complex problem or issue that seems too difficult to address? Are you not sure where to start?  Consider talking to the Graduate Student Ombudsman.  Discussions with the ombudsman are kept confidential, to the extent possible. Appointments can be arranged directly by contacting Dr. Bruce Taylor, 704-687-5347, Graduate Student Ombudsman.