Funding Information for Faculty

The Graduate School is committed to financially supporting as many exemplary students as possible with tuition, stipends, and various fellowships.  Below is a list of some of the funding opportunities managed by the Graduate School and other entities on campus.The Graduate School provides detailed funding information for students within the Funding pages of our website. 

2017-2018 Funding for New Students

Funding opportunities for students

Forms to use:


Nomination Form

National Signing Day: April 15th

April 15th the deadline for prospective or enrolled graduate students to accept an offer of financial support such as a graduate scholarship, fellowship, or assistantship, for the next academic year.  Students are under no obligation to respond to offers of financial support prior to April 15.  For details review   Beginning 2017, students offered admission and funding will be required to accept or decline the offer on or before April 15th, 2017.  Funding offers not accepted by April 15th will be used for other students (admission will not be withdrawn).

Assistantships and Employment

The Graduate School contact for information about Graduate Assistantships is  The Graduate Assistant Application (if you require students to complete one) can be found on the Forms page.

A list of current Assistantships open to students can be found on on the Funding web page.  Departments or programs who have an open assistantship to post, should send the position description, application requirements and submission details in PDF format to    The position will be posted for 30 days

If you have questions about Assistantships, please email

Students who hold Teaching Assistantships are required to attend Graduate Teaching Assistant Training, if they have not done so before.  Held at the beginning of each semester, training includes important information on legal issues in teaching, best practices, academic integrity as well as practical tips for the first day of class. The Graduate School contact for information about GTA training is Dr. Katherine Hall-Hertel.  

Graduate Assistant Support Plan - GASP          

(Priority Nomination Deadline: April 1, 2017, Final Nomination Deadline:  First Day of Class)

Nominate via eGA

Our funding levels have not grown in several years, while our doctoral student population has.  We anticipate having a large wait list, and working to find funding for those students until the first day of class, Fall 2017.  Please be selective and nominate the students you most want to recruit by the April 1st deadline.  We will place students on the wait list without knowledge of your preferences, and therefore you must be selective and nominate your best candidates early so they don't wind up on the wait list.

Download the GASP Rules and Practices

GASP Practices and Structure (From the "Report of the Task Force on Graduate Student Support", UNC Charlotte, 2004)


The Graduate Assistant Support Plan [is a] a highly competitive support package used to attract top quality graduate students to UNC Charlotte. Under the plan, students supported on a teaching or research assistantship or fellowship who meet certain eligibility requirments receive:

  • Full payment of in-state tuition
  • Non-resident Tuition (if required)
  • Health Insurance

Eligibility Requirements:

A student must hold an assistantship or appropriate fellowship... paid through the UNC Charlotte Payroll Office.  The student must be enrolled full-time (at least 9 credit hours) each term except for the last term of the program where 3 credit hours would be considered full-time.

Our Summary of Eligibility:

  • Admitted to a graduate doctoral program
  • GPA 3.0 or higher
  • Full-academic-year Graduate Assistantship or appropriate fellowship with a minimum stipend of $7,000 per academic year ($3,500 or more per semester) - summer assistantships must be separate contracts
  • Enroll in at least 9 graduate credit hours each fall and spring semester

Doctoral Students on Grant-Funded Research Assistantships:  GASP will pay the non-resident portion of tuition as necessary, with the resident (in state) portion of tuition and health insurance charged to the grant.  Students should be processed for grant-funded awards via the Student Educational Award (SEA) system prior to the first day of class each semester.  Additional details are available HERE.

Graduate Program Directors will be notified once awards have been made.  A nomination is not a guarantee of funding.

Master's Merit Award

(Priority nomination deadline: April 1, 2017; Secondary nomination deadline:  May 15, 2017)

Nominate via eGA

These awards are used to recruit exceptional students to master’s programs and are automatically renewed for the second year of study.  RESIDENT (in-state) students approved for merit awards are eligible to receive payment of $4,000 per academic year, $2,000 per semester.  Awards for approved domestic and international NON-RESIDENTS will consist of $8,000 per academic year, $4,000 per semester.  To be eligible, a student must be enrolled in a master's program, have a 3.0 GPA or higher, hold a graduate assistantship of at least $7,000 for the academic year ($3,500 or more per semester), and must enroll in at least 6 graduate credit hours each fall and spring semester.  Master's Merit Awards for new students are limited, and students must be nominated by their Graduate Program Director.  Students nominated for the Master's Merit Award, who do not receive the award, will be automatically considered for the Graduate School Grant (below). 

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Admitted to a graduate master’s program
  • GPA 3.0 or higher
  • Full-Academic-Year Graduate Assistantship with a minimum stipend of $7,000 per academic year ($3,500 or more per semester) - summer assistantships must be separate contracts
  • Enroll in at least 6 graduate credit hours each fall and spring semester​

Graduate Program Directors will be notified once awards have been made.  A nomination is not a guarantee of funding.

Graduate School Grant

(Priority Nomination Deadline: April 1, 2017; Secondary Nomination Deadline:  May 15, 2017 or until funds are depleted)

Nomination Form (NinerNet log in required)

Awards are available to new and continuing Master's and Certificate students, including North Carolina residents, non-residents, and international students.  The award is $2,000 per academic year, and students may be enrolled part-time or full-time. Graduate School Grant awards are also limited, and students must be nominated by their Graduate Program Director.


  • The awards do not require that the student hold a graduate assistantship
  • To receive the award, a student must be enrolled for at least three (3) graduate credit hours
  • Students are not required to fill out a FAFSA
  • Master’s and Certificate students are eligible
  • Domestic and international students are eligible
  • The award is for one academic year (two semesters)

Graduate Program Directors will be notified once awards have been made.  A nomination is not a guarantee of funding.

​Philanthropic Scholarships

UNC Charlotte offers many merit and need-based scholarships annually to recognize outstanding students for prior and sustained academic achievement, and provide assistance to students who have demonstrated financial need. Applicants for need-based scholarships must have submitted a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by April 15 for the upcoming academic year and have no outstanding requirements or financial obligations to the university in order to be considered. University scholarships may be used to offset the cost of tuition, room and board, books, or other approved costs. Specific requirements for each scholarship are different and may be based on program (degree + major), GPA, specific course enrollment, or other criteria. To search for scholarships and review criteria, visit UNC Charlotte's searchable scholarship database.  Students may apply for the awards using the Niner Scholars Portal.

Veteran's Graduate Awards

(Nominations closed on March 1, 2017)

Nomination Form (NinerNet log in required)  Please place the text "Veteran" in the comments box prior to submitting form.

The Graduate School supports efforts to recruit exceptionally talented military veterans to graduate programs at UNC Charlotte. Veteran's Graduate Assistantships provide a graduate assistantship (teaching or research) for two academic years, resident tuition support (in accordance with the Veterans Access, Choice and Accountability Act) and health insurance (if needed), to three newly admitted graduate students (doctoral or master's) per year.  For doctoral students, the assistantship stipend is $18,000 for 9 months; for master's student, the assistantship stipend is $12,000 for 9 months. The assistantship will be in place for two years, after which the department or program of study must provide funding as necessary. A third year for a master’s student may be negotiated if needed to complete the degree. After the second year, doctoral programs are expected to provide continuing support (assistantship or fellowship) to the recipient as long as the student is making satisfactory progress toward the degree (full-time enrollment with a minimum grade point average of 3.00). The Graduate School will commit to continue tuition and health insurance awards for an additional three years.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Military veteran from any branch of service with an honorable discharge
  • Newly admitted to a master's or doctoral graduate program at UNC Charlotte but not yet enrolled (first-year student).
  • Register for a minimum of 6 graduate credit hours in each term the assistantship is in effect and maintain satisfactory progress toward the degree to remain eligible.
  • Nominees must provide proof of military service with an honorable discharge (e.g., copy of the DD214), to the Graduate School prior to the deadline.