Types of Admission:  An overview of the types of graduate admission offered at UNC Charlotte, including;

Application Requirements: Detailed information about the online application, transcripts, GPA, the Statement of Purpose, recommendations, test scores, English language proficiency, and departmental requirements.

Application Deadlines: Graduate School priority and final application deadlines for domestic and international applicants are listed.

Graduate Program Listing: Detailed listing of all graduate programs with links to the academic program websites, Graduate Program Director contact information (email and phone), and application requirements by program.

Application Review/Decision Notification: Information about the review of admissions applications and admissions decision notification is detailed on the website.  Additionally, details on the Appeal Procedure for Applicants Denied Admission University Policy #207 Appendix A - formerly policy statement #131 appendix a) are provided online that reference the Policy on Admission to the University (University Policy #207 - formerly policy statement #131).

Contact Admissions: Please feel free to contact Graduate Admissions via email at or via telephone at 704-687-5503.

*Use Curriculog to create a new graduate certificate program or to set-up your program as early-entry or accelerated.  

International Transcript Review: Applicants must have a bachelor's degree (or its US equivalent) from a regionally accredited college or university to be considered for admission to a graduate program at UNC Charlotte. Following are some resources that the Graduate Admissions staff uses to determine institution accreditation and degree equivalency.

International Enrollment Requirements: International students offered admission who hold, or who intend to hold, F-1 or J-1 visa/status during their studies at UNC Charlotte must provide proof of financial solvency before Form I-20 or Form DS-2019 can be issued by the International Student Scholar Office [ISSO]. Details on the process are provided online but Graduate Program Directors should be aware that offers of financial support from the University to the student decreases the total amount of funds required of international students.