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The Graduate School is responsible for developing, administering, and evaluating graduate education at UNC Charlotte.  It also supports colleges in attracting, enrolling and guiding students toward a quality graduate education and a fulfilling career.  That includes leadership in shaping graduate education to meet ever-changing needs, and guidance, encouragement and resources to help students stay on track toward graduation. 


Graduate Faculty:

Members of the graduate faculty at UNC Charlotte have distinguished themselves both as teachers and as leaders – in the lecture hall and through their research. 

Leadership in the academic department nominates a graduate faculty, usually to a three-year term.  College Deans, department chairs and their proxies have access to the eGFA (electronic Graduate Faculty Appointment) system.  For more information visit our Graduate Faculty web page.  The main Graduate School contact for Graduate Faculty information is Annette Parks.

Graduate Program Directors:

Each academic department or program designates a tenured or tenure-track faculty member to serve as the Graduate Program Director (GPD).  With support from the Graduate School, the GPD is responsible for administration of the graduate program(s) in the department and serves as the primary point of contact with the Graduate School.

News, information and advising tools for GPDs can be found at GPDNet.



The Graduate School serves as a liaison to all prospective graduate students, processing applications and providing the support they need for a smooth start to their graduate education.   Visit the Admissions page for more information.


Faculty and staff advisors are an integral part of student success at the master’s and doctoral levels. The Graduate School provides resources and tools on this website to help make planning and tracking academic progress manageable.

Through its Center for Graduate Life, well-educated students become well-rounded graduates with the leadership, cultural and communication skills to enable them to quickly assume productive roles on the job, whether they pursue a career in business or academia.  

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