Congratulations to all presenters at the 2015 Summer Research Symposium.

The poster judging results are below.


Category: Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Business and Arts
Title: Hunger and Food Insecurity among College Students: Understanding the Problem and Identifying Solutions
Presenter: Alexis Friesz
Mentor: Kim Buch

Category: Natural Sciences and Public Health
Title: Effective treatment of Malignant Ovarian Cancer Cells by Means of Nanoparticle Coated Aptamers
Presenter: Kenneth Panora
Mentor: Christine Richardson
Category: Engineering, Nanomaterials and Computing
Title: Electrical Properties of Simple Devices Glued with D-Sorbitol Doped PEDOT:PSS
Presenter: M. Eli Bostian    
Mentor: Michael Walter

Benjamin S. Kantner, Engineering, Nanomaterials & Computing
Katelyn L. DeZego, Natural Sciences & Public Health
Latavia K. Hill, Natural Sciences & Public Health
Kiersten S. McDonald, Social Sciences, Humanities, Education, Business & Arts

complete list of all presenters is available here.

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