Congratulations to all presenters at the 3rd Annual Summer Research Symposium.  The winners are:

Best Posters

A Study of the Princess Augusta Sophia (1768-1840) Collection at the Atkins Library
Presenter: Nadia Clifton
Mentors: Kirk Melnikoff and Alan Rauch
Category: Education, Humanities, Social Sciences and Social Work

Effects of Cryosurgery on Breast Cancer Cell Viability in the Presence of an Adjuvant
Presenter: Hunter Reavis
Mentor: Charles Lee
Category: Engineering, Technology and Computing

Quantitative Stability/Flexibility Relationships in the Class-C B-Lactamase Enzyme Family
Presenter: Jenna Brown
Mentor: Dennis Livesay
Category: Natural Sciences and Public Health

Honorable Mentions

Using Children's Literature to Teach the Holocaust in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Middle Schools
Presenter: Katherine Galindo
Mentor: Sarah Minslow

Fighters Now Farmers on the Front Lines: Agricultural Production of the British Expeditionary Force, 1917-1919
Presenter: Thomas Grover
Mentor: Heather Perry

Across the Bravo: US-Mexico Relations after the Mexican Revolution, 1920-1924
Presenter: Sean Kane
Mentor: Jurgen Buchenau

Private Subscription Libraries in Nineteenth Century England: Manchester, Leeds, and Newcastle
Presenter: Melanie Carty
Mentor: Alan Rauch

Utilizing Hybrid Nano-Composite Materials to Increase Specific Capacitance for Supercapacitor Applications
Presenter: James Mitchell
Mentor: Jordan Poler

Targeted Nanoparticle Therapy of Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Cells Utilizing CAOV-3 Specific Aptamers
Presenter: Tien Truong
Mentors: Craig Ogle and Christine Richardson

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