Congratulations to all presenters at the 2nd Annual Summer Research Symposium.  The winners are:

Poster Award Winners:

Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Education

Presenter: Christopher Kinley
Coauthors: Christine Haynes
Project title: Whose Greece? Social Class, Regionalism, and National Identity in the Struggle for Independence

Physical and Biological Sciences and Math

Presenter: Freda Yin
Coauthors: Jordon Gilmore, Erin McCave, Michelle Coleman, Stephen Rego, Timothy Burg, Didier Dréau and Karen Burg
Project title: Acinus Formation and Expression of Specific Proteins by MCF10A Breast Cells Cultured in 3D Extracellular Matrices Embedded with Polylactide Beads and Fibers

Engineering, Technology and Computer Science

Presenter: Peter Malmgren
Coauthor: Richard Souvenir
Poster title: Gaze Estimation in Camera Networks

Honorable Mentions:

Presenter: Kebba Mbye
Coauthors: Jaime Sheridan and Jessica Schlueter
Project title: Extraction of microRNAs in Oat Tissue

Presenter: Christina Martinez
Coauthors: Jerry Troutman
Project title: Synthesis and Enzymatic Characterization of Novel Photoactive Substrate

Presenter: Danielle Corbin
Coauthor: Gretchen Alterowitz
Project title: Women Negotiating Ballet's Values in Contemporary Society

Presenter: Elias Still
Coauthor: Christopher Cameron
Project title: Liberal Religion in the Antebellum South: An Organic Product

Presenter: Ashley McGovern
Coauthor: John Daniels
Project title: Resistance of Water Repellant Chemicals to Weathering

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