An article describing the 2012 CRS program is available for download.

Congratulations to all presenters at the 1st Annual Summer Research Symposium.  The winners are:

Poster Award Winners:

Engineering, Technology, and Computer Science

Presenter: Jason McCall
Major:  Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Mehdi Miri
Project title:  Testing and Modeling of Unbalanced Transmission Lines

Natural Sciences

Presenter:  Lizeth Hernandez
Major:  Chemistry
Advisor:  Dan Rabinovich
Project title:  Synthesis and Biological Activity of Tin(IV) Bis(pyridine)selone Complexes

Social Sciences, Psychology, and Math Education

Presenter:  Keyara Pierre-Louis
Major:  Psychology
Advisors:  Ryan Kilmer and James Cook
Project title: Family Partner Involvement in Youth and Family Services: Effects of Pre-Engagement with Families and Child and Family Team Meeting Follow-Up

Honorable Mentions:

David Benitez, Advisor:  Jordan Poler
Joshua Cox, Advisor:  Mehdi Miri
Vanessa Hernandez, Irene Kwok, and Takayla Sexton, Advisor:  Heather Lipford
Nancy Kempa, Advisors:  Ryan Kilmer and James Cook
Katherine Walker, Advisor:  Claudia Avellaneda
Joshua Wheaton, Advisors:  Charles Lee and Mark Clemens

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