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The Graduate School's role is to foster excellence in all dimensions of post-baccalaureate studies and is the primary advocate for graduate education and for graduate students at the University.  Graduate education functions to explore and advance the limits of knowledge and define the state of the art in an academic discipline.  Our purpose is to serve society's needs in specific technical and professional ways as well as the need for intellectual expansion.  In accomplishing this mission, the Graduate School values integrity, collaboration, efficiency, innovation, and inclusiveness in all that it does.

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Mondays, 1:00 - 2:00 pm


Alumna Takes Data Down Under to Spread Best Practices in Education

Alumni Dr. Bree Jimenez and students of Mater Dei School, Cobbitty, Australia
Wherever she is in the world, UNC Charlotte alumna Dr. Bree Jimenez is devoted to sharing cutting-edge special education research with her colleagues.

Dual-Track Learning Produces Creative Solutions

Research of master's student Noushin Radnia.
As campus emptied on the Friday afternoon before spring break, Noushin Radnia was still hard at work conducting research in Storrs’ digital arts lab. One of three recipients of the School of Architecture’s Scholarship in Practice awards for 2017-2018, Radnia is working toward her master’s degree in Design Computation, a dual master’s program in the fields of architecture and computer science. She plans to graduate from this unique program in spring 2018.

Graduate Research Symposium Winners

The 2017 Graduate Research Symposium winners
Congratulations to the winners of the 17th Annual Graduate Research Symposium held recently on campus. The winners include: Computer Science, Math and Engineering Poster First Place: Hamidreza Aryan Second Place: Mir Mehedi Pritom

Urban Mosquito Project

Doctoral Student Ari Whiteman researches mosquito habitats for the Charlotte region.
As temperatures spike each spring, mosquitos start to swarm. They bring with them an increased risk of mosquito-borne diseases and a need to understand how to guard against these pesky – and at times dangerous – insects. Researchers at UNC Charlotte and the Mecklenburg County Health Department are collaborating on a study to determine which factors in the environment lead to hotspots of mosquito activity – and they need your help.

Heather Smith Honored with de Silva Mentoring Award

Harshini V. de Silva Graduate Mentor Award
Heather Smith, professor of geography and earth sciences and director of the doctorate in Geography and Urban Regional Analysis, is the 2017 recipient of the Harshini V. de Silva Graduate Mentor Award. She was honored at a special ceremony Thursday, March 30, at the Harris Alumni Center at Johnson Glen.

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